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​Yorumeshi Haraiso


​ ■By car

​ *To prevent drunk driving, please come by car and be sure to return by substitute driving when drinking.

​ 10 minutes west of the Harimayabashi intersection, right in front of "Yamada Denki" parking lot [No. 3] Parallel parking available

​Our shop is in the north alley of the parking lot

高知市旭町2丁目60-19(ローソンから電車通りはさんだ向かい側) No.3



​ ■By public transportation

​ Tosaden Kotsu Tram "Kagamigawa" "Asakura" "Ino" bound for about 15 minutes Get off at "Asahi Ekimae-dori",

​About 5 minutes on foot

19 Akaishicho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 780-0842



Business hours; 17:00-22:00

​regular holidays; irregular holidays

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